The name of the city of Kusadasi (Kusadasi) means "Bird Island," and the dove is the symbol of the town. It can be traced everywhere: in architecture, painting, literature.

The city is also called the "Turkish Maritime Las Vegas." 90 km south of Izmir. This resort stretches for several kilometers along the coast. According to legend, Herodotus still admired the city, and the god Zeus himself loved to rest on its banks.

The population of Kusadasi

For 30 consecutive years, the city's local population of 60,000 has increased during the holiday season to half a million when the town fills with tourists.

Visiting Kusadasi

Kusadasi is the first stop for visitors to Turkey in the Aegean region - cruise ships bring vast crowds of passengers from all over the world for day trips to nearby ancient Ephesus. The newly built marina for yachts and vessels is one of the most extensive and most delicate on the northwestern side of Turkey. New arrivals in Kusadasi are generally looking to purchase leather goods carpets, and one of the main reasons for staying in the local attractions, beaches, and lively nightlife.

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Attractions Kusadasi

Kaleichi Mosque and Caravanserai buildings

The city's major attraction is the Kaleici Mosque or the Fortress Mosque, built-in 1618 by order of the great Sultan Okuz Mehmet Pasha. Accommodates 500 people and extends over 1800 sq.m.

The inn Caravanserai was built in 1618 as a resting place for merchants and trade caravans traveling along the Great Silk Road from the Black Sea coast to the Mediterranean settlements. It attracts tourists with its unusual architecture, green gardens, birdsong, and a beautiful fountain. Now it has been reconstructed into a place of rest for tourists.

Pirate fortress of Guvercin island

This mysterious building, built to defend the city in Byzantine times, is on a separate island connected to the town by a small dam. In the 16th century, a formidable pirate was known as Barbarossa ("Redbeard") lived here. With his brothers, he plundered passing ships and hid treasures in this fortress. Today, the building houses a museum of the history of the city. Near the fort, you can relax in a cozy small cafe or on the tennis court.

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Dilek National Park

The Council of Europe has recognized the Park as a natural treasure of Turkey as a Biogenetic Protected Reserve. The Park hosts many species of animals, birds, and plants from all over the world. For example, wild horses are preserved only in this territory of Turkey. Here are two ancient cities - Tebai and Panonion, the old church of Harap, built in the Turkish and Greek style, the building of the monastery of Panagia, and the castle of Filikli. And, of course, here, near the entrance to the Park, there is a cave of Zeus with crystal clear water in the lake. Tourists can visit only 10 km of the main road of the Park, along which there are the cleanest pebble beaches.

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Property in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a favorite holiday destination on the Aegean coast. The nearest airport, Adnan Menderes Airport, is only 50 minutes away by car, and cruise ships with tourists stop here for sightseeing. Marina (yacht marina) Kusadasi welcomes yachts from all over the world. And shops, cafes, and nightclubs on the waterfront are open all year round.

The real estate market in Kusadasi has been very dynamic in the last few years: prices are rising, and housing has excellent rental potential.

Below, you will find some offers from our real estate portfolio in Kusadasi. In addition, you will fill out and submit a form to search for a suitable property. We have apartments and villas in the city itself or near Kusadasi.

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