Turkey expects an influx of foreign investors in 2025


Turkey continues to be an attractive market for those who are looking not only for quality housing, but also for sustainable investments.

Current interests of foreign investors:

  • Investors actively focus on the coastal cities of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, as well as the central areas of Istanbul, preferring regions with a low risk of earthquakes.
  • In particular, Mersin and Antalya clearly stand out among other cities.

A decrease in the share of foreign buyers:

The share of foreign buyers, which was 5% in 2022, decreased to 2.9% in 2023 (according to data for three quarters). This decrease is partly due to competition from other countries, such as Dubai, Greece, Portugal, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia.

The need for gradual changes:

The sale of real estate to foreigners should be adjusted gradually. Optimal management should be clear and distinct, in contrast to sudden changes that negatively affect the market.

After the recent changes in Turkish legislation, many potential buyers are more likely to choose alternatives. This is caused by the need to adapt to new conditions and search for stability.

Optimistic forecast:

Despite the temporary difficulties, experts believe that the proposed implementation period is usually two years.

Taking into account the current changes, they predict successful sales in Turkey already in 2025. This process has already started, which creates favorable conditions for future sales on the Turkish real estate market.

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