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Real Estate Abroad for Business and Life

Dreaming of owning an apartment or house by the sea on the Mediterranean coast? Or perhaps you’re interested in affordable real estate in Europe? Or have you always wanted to start a business abroad and earn passive income while living in Kyiv? Whatever your goals, we can always offer the best options.

Hayat Estate is an agency ready to help you purchase real estate abroad according to your requirements and allocated budget. All you need to do is submit an application on the portal and then discuss the details with a manager.

Not so long ago, owning property abroad was an unattainable dream for many. However, acquiring it now does not seem so complicated. Professional selection and search for an apartment/house, assistance in the transaction of buying/selling, risk level assessment for investors: all these services are included in the list of possibilities offered by Hayat Estate.

Especially for our clients, we have developed a portal where we have placed a convenient catalog with detailed descriptions of offers from various corners of Europe and Asia.

April 2024 63,000 - 555,000 €
Looking for real estate to invest in?

Consider marketable, resale and appreciating real estate by the sea in sunny Alanya, Turkey!
Earn 15-40% on resale or up to 12% APR on rentals.
Alanya is Hayat Estate’s №1 choice for successful investments.

Download the catalog of Top 15 buildings in Alanya
with prices for March 2024 (apartments from 63,000 € to 555,000 €) and get access to current offers with prices from developers (no commission).

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    April 2024 63,000 - 555,000 €