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May 14, 2024
Sergey Serik
Hayat Estate client, manager Dmitry Dumitrashchuk
March 7, 2024
I would like to share a very pleasant experience working with manager Dmitry Dumitrashchuk. He proved himself to be an attentive, caring, sensitive and responsive specialist. Issues with developers were quickly resolved. I am extremely pleased with his work and the fact that he is always in touch and ready to answer any questions. Thanks to his efforts, my apartment purchasing experience was flawless.
Valentina Pavlovskaya
client of Hayat Estate, managers Andrey Shatun and Alena Leontyeva
March 5, 2024
We are already accepting hostility due to the rivalry with Andriy Shatun and Alena Leontyeva. You will always be in touch, ready to respond to all questions and help. I am impressed by their professionalism and kind manners. It would also be nice to get to know Anna. Your company has already succeeded, everything is clear and clear, which distinguishes them from others.
Kruglov Alexey
Hayat Estate client, manager Natalya Gritsishin
March 3, 2024
I am so pleased with Natalya’s work. There you go again, the girl has been accepted, and I have no need to ask for any thirst.
Leichenko Oksana
Hayat Estate client, manager Dmitry Shkafar
March 2, 2024
I am very pleased with the work of manager Dmitry. He always responsively answers all questions and is in touch. Thanks to his attentive attitude, the entire process of buying an apartment went smoothly and efficiently. I recommend Dmitry as a reliable and responsible specialist.
Vyacheslav and Katerina Ziborov
clients of Hayat Estate, manager Ivan Psaryuk
March 2, 2024
We are very pleased with Ivan's work. We did not have any unresolved issues, since Ivan was always in touch and promptly resolved all problems. Thanks to his efficient work, our experience of purchasing an apartment was flawless. We recommend Ivan as a reliable and responsible specialist.
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      June 2024 63,500 - 495,000 €