May 2024 63,500 - 495,000 €
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Consider marketable, resale and appreciating real estate by the sea in sunny Alanya, Turkey!
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    May 2024 63,500 - 495,000 €

    Nusa Dua - a resort area with a wealth of property to choose from

    The real estate economics is constantly evolving. Property agencies are always looking for overseas investors willing to invest in housing in different regions of the world. Indonesia is one of these regions. The country is relatively inexpensive for living and for tourism with affordable property prices. Among the Indonesian regions, the island of Bali with its many stands out in terms of popularity among travellers. One such district is Nusa Dua. Property in Nusa Dua is attractive to foreign investors. How much does a property in Nusa Dua cost - you should check with the agencies that deal with the sale of housing.

    Nusa Dua - basically about the tourist area and the most important points about property

    Nusa Dua is a resort for the well-to-do. That is why properties in Nusa Dua are characterised by a high level of comfort. It is a place for tourists only. Locals are not allowed to enter Nusa Dua. To get to Nusa Dua, you have to pass one of the three guarded entrances. It attracts people to various attractions, mild climate (the climate is mild all year round) and clean beaches.

    You can buy property here at a cost of $3500 per square metre. Property in Nusa Dua shows a wide range of apartments, flats, villas, townhouses and more. As everywhere else, the cheapest and simplest option for accommodation is an apartment. In Nusa Dua, this type of accommodation is popular with many investors. It is simple, there are many layout options, apartments can also be used as non-residential space. But all this does not prevent the apartments from accommodating tourists comfortably.

    Flats are a more comfortable option. In Nusa Dua housing of this type is more popular among tourists. Since it is difficult for a foreigner to obtain a residence permit in Indonesia, and the property itself can not become property after its purchase by a foreigner, it remains to lure tourists with high comfort, convenient location in relation to beaches and other places, as well as a good layout.

    Tourists will find greater comfort in villas, townhouses and similar property options. Such property in Nusa Dua, as well as all over the world, is expensive, but it is affordable for wealthy people. And wealthy tourists stay in Nusa Dua.

    Tourist transport as an important part in Nusa Dua and throughout the island of Bali

    First of all, tourists are interested in public transport, which is not very good in Bali. But there is public transport in Bali, including large comfortable buses. There are also enough minibuses. They are called bemos. The big buses connect Bali's capital, Denpasar, to many other areas not only on the island, but also to the Java part of Indonesia (there is a ferry terminal in the western part of Bali, which is also used by cars and buses).

    Minibuses from Denpasar go to many regions, and Nusa Dua is no exception. Tourists will find it convenient to get from the airport to this area of Bali (the distance is about 30 kilometres). The problem is different: the territory of Nusa Dua is fenced, and the movement of bemos on its territory is prohibited. From the main gate, tourists will have to walk one or two kilometres. For people who are used to walking, it is not terrible. Others can call a taxi.

    Taxi services are popular on the island. Given the poor bus service, taxis are often a great help. Nusa Dua is not an exception. Taxi drivers are allowed to drive in a closed area. Taxis are more expensive than minibuses, but more comfortable. Taxis will take the tourist to any point of the area and the whole island.

    In addition to taxi service vehicles, ordinary cars and scooters can enter the territory of Nusa Dua. The option of renting such a vehicle is also a good option for the tourist. Prices for hire should be checked with specialised companies.

    Buying property in Nusa Dua - top benefits

    There are many advantages that motivate investors to buy property in Nusa Dua. Among them, the following stand out:

    • Nusa Dua, like the rest of the country, is developing very strongly and therefore the buyer has prospects of making good money from renting out properties to tourists.
    • High yields and quick payback of property in Nusa Dua. The yield in Nusa Dua and the whole island of Bali is 10-12% per annum, which with a payback period of 5-6 years makes buying a home profitable in Indonesia and on the island.
    • Mild climate. Bali never has winters in the Ukrainian sense. During the year the average temperature does not fall below 26 degrees Celsius and never rises above 28 degrees Celsius. The rainy season, which stretches from mid-autumn to the end of March for tourists is not a problem. The rains on the island are intermittent and the sun comes out every day. Dry season on the island is not hot, precipitation is much less.
    • Affordability of living space. The cost of property in Nusa Dua is affordable, making it a good investment.

    Nusa Dua is an attractive region for tourists and investors. Investing in residential property is sure to bring good returns in the future.