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Hayat Estate is an international overseas real estate agency.

A Turkish company with Ukrainian roots, European standards of work and global goals. We assist clients around the world in finding and purchasing the most attractive properties for living, investing and generating passive income.

The company structure includes 4 main areas:

  • Hayat Estate – selection and sale of foreign real estate in 20 countries for various purposes and budgets.
  • Hayat Development is a development company whose portfolio includes 7 of its own development projects in Alanya, Turkey. We are currently entering the markets of other countries: Indonesia (Bali) and Northern Cyprus.
  • Hayat Capital – search for land plots and work with large investors.
  • Hayat Rent is a division that provides comprehensive management of the rental properties of our clients.

Hayat Estate - real estate in 20 countries for various purposes

Today, the world of real estate offers a huge variety of opportunities for investors and buyers. From cozy apartments in the heart of European capitals to luxury villas on tropical islands, property in 20 countries is available to suit every taste and budget, satisfying a wide variety of needs and goals.

A variety of choices: for yourself, for rent and resale.

Our offerings cover a wide range of properties, each of which can meet clients' unique needs.

     1. Property for personal use

For those who dream of owning their own home in a new country, we offer many options, ranging from cozy apartments in historic city centers to spacious houses in picturesque suburbs.

     2. Investment in real estate for rental

Renting out real estate is a great way to earn a stable income. We offer a wide selection of properties in countries with high tourist flows and developing rental markets. Apartments in Alanya, villas in Bali or condominiums in Northern Cyprus - each of these locations can become a source of significant rental income.

     3. Resale Opportunities

The real estate market is constantly evolving, and investing in resale properties is an opportunity to make a profit. We offer properties in fast-growing regions where real estate prices are rising steadily: Turkey, Indonesia (Bali), Northern Cyprus.

Variability of prices: from economy class to elite offers.

We understand that each client has his own financial capabilities and needs. Therefore, our real estate catalog includes properties of different price ranges - from economical options to luxury offers.

Regardless of your goals - be it purchasing real estate for your own residence, renting out or resale - we are ready to offer you the best options in 20 countries around the world.

Our mission is to help you find the perfect property that suits your taste and budget, so that every investment brings joy and profit.

Discover the world of real estate with us and take the first step towards your dream today!

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our unique service - a study tour to Turkey!

We invite you not just to visit this amazing country, but to plunge into its richness of culture, history and stunning beauty.

Our introductory tours are specially designed to allow you to personally experience the potential and charm of Turkish real estate, feel the atmosphere of local cities and coasts, and, of course, receive full advice and support from our experienced experts.

Let yourself go through this unique experience and take the first step towards your new life in Turkey!

Remote purchase / online inspection of real estate

This service became popular in 2020 and has now become a completely normal process for purchasing real estate if the client is not able to come to the meeting in person.

That is why our company acts as a guarantor in the selection of real estate and the legality of its acquisition for further resale or residence.


Hayat Development

Hayat Development is a department of development projects, whose portfolio includes 7 of its own projects in Turkish Alanya and Mersin. We are currently entering the markets of Indonesia (Bali) and Northern Cyprus.

We can also build any turnkey property based on the client’s individual request, for example, the two-story Hayat Private Villa in Alanya, Kargicak district.

Based on the request, there are additional formats for purchasing real estate.

Equity investment

You have the opportunity to purchase part of an apartment or hotel room; this is an ideal option for those who have a limited budget or some concerns or fear of investing the full amount.

Hayat Rent

Hayat Rent is a division of Hayat Estate, providing a full range of rental housing services in the picturesque Alanya of Turkey.

By entrusting your apartment to us, you free yourself from all the worries associated with renting and property management. We offer professional service by charging a percentage of rental payments for our services.

Our services:

  • Finding tenants: We use effective marketing tools to quickly and successfully find tenants. After furnishing and equipping your apartment, we will organize a professional photo shoot and publish advertisements on key advertising platforms. Our cooperation with agencies in Alanya and the use of our own client base helps to quickly attract tenants, providing you with stable passive income.
  • Consulting support: We provide professional advice on optimizing the rental process to ensure the most favorable conditions for you.
  • Professional preparation of legal documents: Our lawyers, who are well acquainted with Turkish legislation, take full responsibility for the paperwork, guaranteeing the protection of your interests as a landlord and owner.
  • Financial reporting: We provide transparent reports on the operations and financial status of your property, allowing you to stay informed about all aspects of management and leasing.
  • Monitoring the condition of real estate: Our administrators regularly check the condition of your housing, monitor its proper use and compliance of the number of residents with the number of beds. We also solve all technical problems and organize minor repairs if necessary.
  • Monthly payment of utility bills: We ensure timely payment of utility bills and other payments (Internet, maintenance of internal infrastructure), interacting with all utility services and paying taxes.
  • Organization of cleaning: After tenants evict, we organize professional cleaning of the apartment to prepare it for the next tenant.
  • Timely payment of rental income: We accept monthly rental payments from the tenant, then provide you with a report for the past month and transfer the money to you in a way convenient for you.

You receive rental income in a timely manner in any currency, using any payment system and anywhere in the world.

Our professionalism is trusted by clients from all over the world!

Hayat Rent manages apartments with a total value of more than € 12,000,000.

While in another country, you can be sure that your property is in the hands of professionals.

Get a continuous stable income from your rental business without being distracted by solving everyday problems!

By collaborating with Hayat Rent, you get a reliable partner in the management of your property in Alanya.

Our goal is to provide you with maximum benefit and comfort by taking care of all aspects of the rental and maintenance of your property.


Residence permit and citizenship for real estate

“We expand the boundaries of life” is the main purpose of our company. The world is too big to be limited to just one country. Our clients choose where to live, where to vacation and where to receive income from real estate. And we help make these dreams come true - turnkey.”

Vyacheslav Fomenko, founder of Hayat Estate

Türkiye as an ideal place to live

Türkiye is a country that attracts people from all over the world with its climate, culture and opportunities. Here are some reasons why Türkiye could be your new home:

  • Great Climate and Living by the Sea: Enjoy the mild climate and scenic views that Turkey offers all year round.
  • Improving the quality of life: Provide yourself and your loved ones with an “alternate airfield” in one of the most attractive countries.
  • Business Relocation: Protect your capital and move your business to an international trade and tourism hub.
  • International community: Türkiye attracts people from many different countries, creating a dynamic and diverse society.

Citizenship by Investment

We help our clients obtain citizenship of other countries through real estate investments. The best deals are Turkish citizenship and Grenada citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship

What does Turkish citizenship give?

  • The right to unlimited stay in Turkey
  • Visa-free visits to 111 countries
  • Possibility of obtaining a Schengen visa for 5 years and an E-2 US visa
  • Opportunity to work and conduct business in Turkey or remotely: International income is not taxed.
  • Access to lending in lira
  • Possibility to purchase land without additional permits
  • Purchasing a car on credit or leasing
  • Access to world-class medicine with special health insurance conditions

Citizenship for the whole family can be obtained based on the right to own a home in Turkey worth $400,000 or more.

Citizenship of Grenada

What are the benefits of Grenada citizenship?

  • Visa-free travel: 148 countries, including Schengen, UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Living and doing business in the USA on a business visa
  • Tax benefits: Zero tax on capital gains, royalties and dividends, as well as other benefits.
  • Accounts in European and American banks
  • Legal security and political stability: Confirmed by the growth of the financial and banking sector.
  • Preferential education in the UK and USA: Simplified receipt of a UK student visa.

Citizenship for the entire family can be obtained by investing in one of the Grenada government-approved development projects starting from $220,000.

There are also other passport programs and assistance in obtaining a residence permit through real estate investments in the following countries:

  • UAE
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Malta

Why choose us?

Hayat Estate helps you realize your dream of living in another country, be it Türkiye or Grenada. We offer an integrated approach to the process of obtaining citizenship through investment in real estate, providing a full cycle of services - from consultations and selection of real estate to the preparation of all necessary documents and support at all stages.

Expand the boundaries of your life with Hayat Estate and discover new opportunities for living, recreation and investment!

Hayat Capital

Hayat Capital - selection of land plots, calculation and creation of investment projects, both for the development of personal residential complexes and for searching for large investors.

This area also includes the construction and sale of hotel apartments with further transfer to the hotel operator.

This is a subsidiary of Hayat Estate, which specializes in attracting investments in real estate projects and providing accompanying services for customers.

In addition, we invest our funds in projects and strive to diversify our portfolio by attracting external investment.

Our team consists of experienced real estate appraisers, architects, lawyers and financiers in this field.

Why Hayat Capital?

  • Experience and trust

More than 12 years of successful work and the trust of clients around the world

  • Own funds

We invest in projects to demonstrate our confidence

  • Global coverage

Offices in 7 countries, more than 120 employees, sales in 20+ countries

  • Expertise

We combine the experience, talent and knowledge of the best industry professionals

  • Escort and protection

We provide full legal and accounting support for our investors

  • Our main goal

Provide our investors with the best return on capital at the lowest level of risk


  • Investments in development

Accumulation of investor capital for the implementation of development projects


  • We implement development projects to order, turning your ideas into reality

Search and selection of land

  • Analysis of market feasibility, packaging of projects to attract investment

Loans to companies

  • Providing loans to large construction companies to provide guaranteed income

Representation of interests in asset purchase and sale transactions

Comprehensive support for real estate transactions from the preparation of marketing materials to successful closing.

Our company Hayat Estate is an indispensable assistant for clients seeking to invest or purchase property abroad.


Through a comprehensive approach and professional support, Hayat Estate ensures successful and secure transactions, satisfying the needs of its clients and contributing to their financial well-being and development.

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