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    May 2024 63,500 - 495,000 €

    Property in Changgu in Bali - main features and advantages

    Bali is one of the most popular islands to spend holidays in the world. It is known for its attractions, mild climate and good beaches. Because of this, the real estate economics is also well developed and there are many foreign investors. Among the many neighbourhoods on the island, the quiet Changgu has gained popularity. The best way to find out how much accomodation in Changgu Bali costs is to check the websites of those agencies that sell housing in the area.

    Features of the property and the Changgu neighbourhood itself in Bali

    Changgu is a neighbourhood that is located in the south of the island of Bali. This place is well suited not only for tourists, but also for those who want to live and work here for a long time. Among the features of the district are the following:

    • Mild climate. Despite the rainy season, the weather in Changgu is warm almost all year round.
    • Good beaches with high waves. This option is suitable for those who love surfing.
    • Close proximity to the airport. It takes just over an hour by taxi.

    Accomodation in Changgu Bali also has many features. Property agencies offer a variety of housing options. Among them there are small studios with an acceptable and low price. There are apartments. The price for them will be higher. Given the fact that registration in this type of property is difficult to formalise, their cost will be lower than that of flats. Flats themselves are also popular among foreign investors. This is one of the best options always and everywhere: you can register residence permit, the area is small, so small and the price of real estate.

    Villas, houses and other similar housing options are more expensive. This class is higher, the arrangement is better. Villas can be equipped with swimming pools, garages, large parking spaces, etc. How much a villa in Changgu is - you need to look at the relevant sites, but different options cost differently. On average, the price in per square metre in Changgu varies from 1800$ to 3000$.

    Features of buying an accomodation in Changgu

    Changgu is a district of the island of Bali, which belongs to the state of Indonesia, so the features of buying an accomodation in this area is the same as in the whole country. Accomodation in Changgu can be bought in the following ways:

    • The property purchase transaction is made through a local (Indonesian) intermediary. The buyer collects a list of necessary documents and receives the right to use the property, as well as the right to perform various transactions with it. The relevant contracts are concluded and notarised. When everything is done, the buyer receives the right of long-term use of the property. But the owner remains the Indonesian, who was involved as an intermediary.
    • Right to use. At first, after all the documents with the notary and the owner, as well as after payment, the buyer in Changgu and in any other region of the country gets the right to use the property for 25 years. Then the contract can be renewed for another 75 years. The buyer can also pay the full amount for the property and enter into another contract with the owner. Under this contract, the property in Changgu or another region of Indonesia is transferred to the ownership of the buyer. But the area of the land plot should not exceed half a hectare, and the plot itself should be only one. You need to have a working visa of the country to enter into contracts.
    • Right to build. Available for legal entities only. The owner of a company (who may be a foreigner) registered in Indonesia fulfils certain requirements of the state and then receives the right to build. With this right, the investor can own several units of property in Changgu or in another region of the country.
    • The right to rent. This option is also only suitable for those who have a working visa of the country. The property in Changgu and elsewhere in the region is granted to the user on a leasehold basis. The property in Changgu cannot be transferred into possession under this contract option. The contract itself is made with the owner of the property.

    Buying a residential property in Changgu and taking ownership is not easy, but the options are there. These four options allow you to buy different residential properties. The yield in Changgu is 15% per annum and the payback is 5-6 years. This is the favourable option.

    Climate in Changgu as an important factor influencing investors' choices

    Changgu has an equatorial monsoon climate. There are two seasons - dry and wet. The dry season starts in April and ends in October. The rest of the time is occupied by the wet season. The average temperature ranges from 26-28 degrees Celsius. During the dry season in Changgu, rainfall per month does not exceed forty millimetres. In the wet season, the norm is up to 165 millimetres. The rains do not fall all day, but locally and for a few hours, after which the sun comes out. The ocean in Changgu is also warm, so there are enough tourists in the area all year round, and the accommodation is always filled with guests. This is favourable for investors who have invested in residential property in Changgu. Changgu is one of the most favourable locations for investors in the world due to its high yield and quick payback.