Alanya Real Estate: a Guaranteed Investment

Alanya is a tourist Mecca for hundreds of thousands of travelers rushing here to meet the gentle Mediterranean Sea, sun, and local attractions. Life in the resort center is bustling 24/7, 365 days a year!

For experienced investors, this is a compelling reason to buy property in the center of Alanya.

Company HAYAT ESTATE shares this position and is ready to argue for it:

Argument №1. Stable Property Price Growth in the Resort Center

In 2021, Turkey ranked first in the world in terms of property price growth, exceeding 20%, and in some resorts, this figure reached as high as 40%, including in Alanya. According to experts, this trend is expected to continue for a long time.

Each year, the availability of land for residential construction in this area decreases, while demand grows. Therefore, by purchasing property in the center now, you can expect a profit of 15-40% from its resale. The final amount depends on the type of property and its condition at the time of purchase.

Argument №2. Extended Beach Season

For most of the year, from April to October, you can rent property in the center to tourists, earning a good passive income of up to 12% annually. Even during the cold months, many Europeans prefer to live by the sea, renting accommodation in the resort center.

Argument №3. Developed Infrastructure in the Resort Center

In the center of Alanya, you have everything you need for leisure and permanent residence, from convenient transportation connections, medical facilities, banks, supermarkets, daycare centers, and schools to cafes serving traditional Turkish dishes, nightclubs, and discos.

The European way of life harmoniously blends with the Eastern charm - here, according to travelers, no one feels like a stranger.

The HAYAT ESTATE team has been operating in the Turkish real estate market since 2012, including in Alanya. We are pleased to assist you in purchasing property in the resort center at developer prices:

  • We will prepare a selection of real estate properties based on your preferences.
  • We will conduct a legal examination of the property documents on your behalf.
  • We will handle all the paperwork for you.
  • We will assist in renting out your apartment or property.
  • We will provide guidance on obtaining Turkish residence permits (VNH) - property ownership grants this right.

Real estate in the center of Alanya is your assurance of a better tomorrow and the well-being of your family.