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    May 2024 63,500 - 495,000 €

    Property in Ubud - benefits and general description

    Indonesia is a popular country among tourists. Therefore, the real estate economics is also developed there. There are many agencies in the country that sell property to foreign investors. Bali is one of the most popular resort islands in the whole country. It is famous for its beaches, as well as rice fields and volcanoes. That is why there are many agencies selling property here. How much the property costs - you need to find out on the websites of the agencies themselves.

    Ubud is a quiet place with affordable property for investors

    Ubud is one of the several districts of Bali, which is nestled in the central part of the tourist island. Many people prefer to buy a home in Ubud for several reasons. They are:

    • Mild climate. It is considered an equatorial monsoon climate, with the year divided into two periods: dry and wet. From mid-autumn to early spring is the wet season in Ubud and the whole island of Bali. It rains heavily, but periodic monthly rainfall is up to 165 millimetres. During the dry season, rainfall is much less. The temperature stays between 26-28 degrees centigrade all year round. There is no cold time there - even in the rainy season.
    • The popularity of the island and the Ubud area among tourists. This popularity is favourable to investors. It increases the demand for housing. Therefore, the accommodation in Ubud offers a variety of property at an affordable price.
    • Public transport to Kutu (where the international airport and popular beaches are located). Public transport is not the best in Bali, but Ubud is lucky with it. Minibuses to Kuta run every hour and the fare is $5. Property in Ubud and other places is better to be bought in an area within walking distance to a public transport stop. This is important to apply not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries of the world.
    • Exotic nature with palm trees and other plants that can't be found anywhere else, only in Ubud and the whole island.

    Property in Ubud is a lucrative investment that will benefit the buyer.

    Buying property in Ubud - main features

    Property in Ubud has some peculiarities that are important to know when buying it. The most important thing is that a person who has fulfilled many requirements can take full ownership of a property in Indonesia (not only in Ubud). Some people believe that it is easier to obtain citizenship and thus take possession of a home in Ubud and other parts of the country than to fulfil these requirements. Property in Ubud offers several options for purchase, but they all boil down to one thing: a long-term lease with extensive rights of use. These include the ability to rent out property in Ubud to tourists, etc. The most important point here is this: you can buy an accomodation and enter into a long-term lease only through a local intermediary, which in many cases is the landlord. In this case, it does not matter what the cost of the property, but on average it is about 3800 euros per square metre in Ubud.

    One of the most favourable options is to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the owner for a period of 25 years. After the expiry of this term, the investor will be able to extend the contract for another 75 years. During this time, the buyer will be able to get a high profit, as the yield in Bali and in Ubud in particular is 10-12 per cent per annum. The payback of the property is 5-6 years on the whole island. This option is favourable throughout the country - not only in Ubud. It provides the investor with various options, but the most optimal of them - it is to rent out the living space to tourists.

    Varieties of property in Ubud in Bali

    The island of Bali offers customers different property options, and all of them are present in the Ubud area in the central part of the island. The main ones among them are:

    • Studios. Small premises that are relatively cheap. The rent on them is also low. They are good for investors with a limited budget.
    • Apartments in Ubud will cost a little more, but they are also affordable. They can be used not only as living quarters, but also as offices and so on. It is therefore important to choose apartments in a residential complex so that tourists will be more comfortable living in them.
    • Flats. They are more expensive than apartments, but they are much better equipped. The main advantage of flats, the possibility of residence registration, is not available in Ubud and all of Indonesia, so this type of accommodation attracts tourists with increased comfort.
    • Private houses, villas, townhouses and the like. These are the highest class of living space, not only in Ubud, but all over the world. They are expensive, but the comfort there is very high. Villas can be equipped with swimming pools, gyms, garages and other elements that make rich tourists choose them for their holiday stops.

    Among all these options, it is important for an investor to choose the most suitable one. Any option of property in Ubud will bring profit. It all depends on the financial capacity of the buyer.