Candi-Dasa: the charm of peace and harmony on the east coast of Bali


On the east coast of Bali, nestled in the caring embrace of the sea, the Candi-Dasa area lies mysteriously, like a pearl hidden from the bustling world.

In this secluded corner of the island, time flows slowly, like a slow-motion frame from the most beautiful fairy tale.

Candidasa, small and quiet as a mysterious smile, is not as famous as its neighbors in the south of the island, but it has its own unique charm.

Here you are greeted by the comfort of small hotels and the elegance of villas, carefully immersed in the greenery of tropical vegetation.

Properties in Candi-Dasa area

  • Purchase of a square meter of real estate: $ 2 000 - $ 3 000
  • Rent of a one-room villa per day: $ 150 - $ 200

A narrow strip of beach strewn with volcanic sand invites you to look at the world through the prism of calm and tranquility. Although the tide sometimes takes the beach under the waves, it still remains magnetically attractive with its natural beauty.

Here, under the gentle sun, time seems to stop, giving you the opportunity to plunge into the depths of your own soul. In Candi-Dasa there is not that bustle, that flickering of lights that is so characteristic of other parts of Bali. Instead, you can enjoy scenic walks, enjoy natural and cultural attractions, or immerse yourself in the world of natural cosmetics at the Sensatia Botanicals factory.


Candi-Dasa is not a place for wild parties and noisy bars. There is a different atmosphere here, where tranquility and authenticity meet. Despite the small selection of entertainment, every minute spent here is filled with harmony and peace.

Other attractions in this unique corner of Bali include the mysterious Pura Goa Lawah bat temple, the Candi-Dasa viewpoint with the historic Taman Ujung water palace, and the Charlie Chocolate Factory, where you can immerse yourself in a world of aromas and tastes.

The Lotus Lagoon, with its magic and beauty, seems to invite you to dance with nature, immersing you in its bright and unique world.

And White Sand Beach, with its snow-white sand and soft surf, seems to be created in order to relax and enjoy the surf in the arms of the warm Indonesian sun.


In Candi-Dasa, every moment is filled with magic, every corner of the island invites you on a unique journey through itself, discovering new facets of beauty and harmony.

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