Mersin: inexpensive real estate in Turkey


The coast of Turkey has long been familiar to millions of tourists who have appreciated a comfortable stay in the magnificent conditions of resort towns. And if you think you know everything about Turkey, don't be so sure. This country never ceases to amaze with its magical corners, one of which is Mersin - a coastal region where you can buy real estate at affordable prices to relax, live or rent out profitably. The area is conveniently located in the coastal zone of the Mediterranean Sea, where natural beaches occupy a third of more than 300 km of the territory. The rest is hills and mountains, except for two cities - Mersin and Tarsus.

The largest international Mediterranean port in Turkey has located in this region, which influenced the rapid pace of development of the region, and the city itself is famous for its special free trade zone. The city has a very ancient history and has been mentioned by many ancient authors. The main attraction is the Maiden's Castle on a rocky coastal island. Its first fortifications, according to historians, were erected in the days of ancient Greece.

Mersin - location and transport features

Mersin is located on the southeast coast of Turkey, between Adana and Antalya. Today, the Adana airport closest to the region is located 70 km, which can be called a very significant distance. The project includes the construction of a new airport near the city of Tarsus, which will be built in the coming years, which will be an even greater impetus for the development of transport links, attracting tourists. Now the path to the region's sights and its cleanest sea with well-maintained beaches will become even more accessible.

In addition to air travel, Mersin can also be reached by car or rail. Built-in the middle of the 19th century, the railway still functions here. The local port has connections with more than a hundred cities globally, so visiting the region to enjoy its beautiful landscapes or stay to live forever will not be any particular problem.


Why buy property in Mersin (Turkey): features of the coastal region

The city of Mersin is the capital of the region of the same name. Today it is an economically important center of the country and a tourist resort. It has everything characteristic of a luxurious resort town. The municipal authorities are making every effort and money to develop the region, and the tourist mood here is felt with increasing force every year. At the same time, the tourism sector brings significant profit to the city.

A nuclear power plant is being built here, which, according to experts, will give impetus to the rapid development of infrastructure. So far, buying real estate in such a Turkish resort town as Mersin is not yet very popular, so the prices for residential properties are in a pretty affordable range.

Every year Mersin will attract more and more foreign tourists with its sights and environmental performance because clean beaches and fresh air attract many connoisseurs of this holiday. The city is famous for a large number of cozy bays, coves of rocky coasts, evoking the spirit of pirate novels. As a result, the city is predicted to become a center for profitable investment in housing in the future, as it has great potential for price increases.

What makes Mersin real estate attractive: pricing and investment

At the moment, Mersin real estate prices are among the most affordable in Turkey. Moreover, the number of offers for the sale of housing near luxurious beaches and the sea is vast. Foreign citizens began to buy local residential areas actively. According to statistics, about 1,200 objects were purchased by foreigners in the past year, which sounds very good compared to other regions, such as Izmir. Demand contributes to an active increase in the cost of square meters, which has grown by almost 33% over the past year.

The cost of spacious one-bedroom apartments ranges from 30 to 40 thousand euros. In contrast, a 3-room apartment will set you back somewhat more, and the same apartment with hotel facilities costs around 70 thousand euros. Flats and a beautiful home with a sea view are available for sale. And suppose you are a connoisseur of housing with the most comfortable conditions. You can consider buying a luxuriously furnished villa on the first line from the sea - such an acquisition will require about 130-150 thousand euros.

Real estate in Mersin is one of the best investment options, which has many advantages, including a favorable investment climate, low prices, the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through an accelerated procedure, and much more. The apartments, located by the sea coast, are a permanent springboard for relaxation, and their purchase will eliminate the need to look for a hotel during your vacation. In addition, this is the most liquid asset - in the future, the sale or lease of real estate in Mersin will bring significant dividends to its owner.


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