Golden Sands or Sunny Beach: which is better for rest?


When planning a holiday in Bulgaria, many tourists find it difficult to choose between two popular destinations. Golden Sands or Sunny Beach? The choice is not easy, given that both resorts offer their guests many options for an enjoyable and meaningful pastime. Which one to choose is a matter of individual taste. In this article, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. It will help you form your opinion on what is better for a holiday, Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. An important factor when choosing a tourist destination is the resort's prices. So, let's deal with the cost of essential services in these places of rest.

What is the Golden Sands resort?

It is a beautiful and comfortable stretch of the Black Sea shore in Bulgaria, known for its clean beaches, pleasant temperatures, and natural attractions. It is located on the national park territory of the same name. In the neighborhood is the large port city of Varna. According to legend, the resort's name is associated with pirates who buried their treasures on the shore. When they returned to collect the prize, they were surprised to notice that the gold had turned into sand—the best and cleanest in all Bulgaria. Hence the names of the local lands.

The resort has many sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants, pubs, discos. There is also a water park, "Akvapolis," hydropathic, mineral springs. Manufactured attractions include the Aladzha Monastery, located on the rocks, and St. John the Baptist chapel.

Золотые пески

Advantages of the Golden Sands resort

The main advantages of this resort are:

  • Beautiful nature;
  • Mild and warm climate;
  • clean sand;
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Rich nightlife;
  • Delicious food and drinks;
  • Lots of street artists and photographers.

Despite its strengths, Golden Sands is not without certain disadvantages.

Курорт Золотые пески

Cons of Golden Sands resort

First of all, the negative moments are caused by the specifics of this settlement.

  • Public beach, wholly lined with sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • High prices for food, fruits, and most services;
  • Noisy parties at night.

Golden Sands is more suitable for youth recreation than for family leisure. But, the presence of a natural park makes this resort attractive for connoisseurs of quiet relaxation.

Золотые пески, Болгария

Properties in Golden Sands

Apartments in Golden Sands cost about 30% more than in Sunny Beach, the main resort on the Bulgarian coast. The value of local real estate adds to the status of the reserve of this resort and the ban on new construction. The cost per square meter ranges from 750 to 2,500 €. Yes, a 60 sq. m with a sea view will cost 80,000 - 90,000 €, in remote areas - 70,000 €.

Недвижимость на Золотых песках

Prices in Golden Sands resort

Since we have already touched on prices, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the cost of essential services and goods.

Hotel room prices start at around $100 per night. Renting a car will start from $17 per day. The cost of a bus tour is not less than $ 50 per person.

A trip with a child to the dolphinarium will drag out about $ 60 for two. It will be cheaper to visit the water park - about $ 35. You can dine at the restaurant for $ 25 per person. A meal will cost much less in small cafes - about $ 5 for a set lunch. A liter of beer is not expensive - about $ 1. Prices for hot dogs are not so democratic - about $ 5 per serving. A cocktail in a coastal bar will cost about $ 25-30.

Prices in grocery stores are not particularly encouraging. A kilogram of cheese costs at least $12, Turkish delight - from $12 per 1 kg, a kilo of olives - $7-8, fruit - from $3-5 per kg, ice cream - from $3 per serving. In general, the cost of food in Golden Sands for two will be about $ 500 per week.

Курорт Золотые пески для отдыха

What is special about Sunny Beach?

The largest resort in the east of the country. Many kilometers of coastline are covered with fine yellow sand. The coastline is gradually gaining depth, so the local beaches are suitable for families with small children. Not in vain, because Sunny Beach is considered a "children's paradise." After all, there are two large water parks.

Getting here is relatively easy because there are significant highways not far from the resort. In addition, there is a bus station.

Солнечный берег

Why is Sunny Beach interesting?

The largest resort in the east of the country. Many kilometers of the coast is covered with fine sand of yellow color. The coastline is steadily gaining depth, respectively the local beaches are suitable for recreation with young children. Not for nothing, because Sunny Beach is considered a «paradise for children». After all, there are two large Aqua Parks.

To get here is quite easy, because not far from the resort are large motorways. In addition, there is a bus station.


Property in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the number 1 resort on the Bulgarian coast. At the moment, real estate is mainly represented by secondary objects. This is due to the high density of existing buildings and the lack of free land for construction. Most of the proposals are apartments in residential complexes along the sea.

The cost of apartments on the third line (600 m from the sea) starts at a price of 50,000 €, furnished small apartments on the first line are 2-2.5 times more expensive. So, a studio of 32 sq. m, 600 meters from the sea, offered for 50,300 €. An apartment with 2 bedrooms 5 minutes walk from the beach will cost 60,000 - 80,000 €. The cost of luxury apartments can reach up to 200,000 €.


Prices in the Sunny Beach resort

This resort can be considered a place for an elite holiday. Because the cost of products, goods and services is also at a high level. A weekly tour package for two can be taken for about $1,500. The price includes airfare and hotel accommodation.

You can get here from the nearest airport by bus. Tickets cost about $4 per person. By taxi, this road will drag out about $ 40.

Tours start at $50 and up. Most often, these are trips around Bulgaria. For $90 you can visit nearby countries.

Renting a beach umbrella will be about $ 5. Toilets, by the way, are also paid. Approximately 0.5 $.

A day pass to the Aquapark will cost $40 per person. The entrance to an elite nightclub will cost the same amount.

A kilogram of fruit will pull out about $12. Boiled corn - from $ 1 apiece. A set lunch can be taken for about $25 per person. A kilogram of meat in a grocery store will drag in about $ 10. A large pack of juice is about $5-6.

Souvenirs cost from $1-3 for some kind of magnet, and more if you take a more serious purchase. For example, a cup will cost from $7 to $14.

There is no single answer to the question of what is better for relaxing, Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. Both resorts have both their strengths and weaknesses, primarily related to prices. Generally speaking, Golden Sands is more suitable for young people, and Sunny Beach will appeal to couples with children. But, these are all conventions. And any tourist can have a good time, both in one place and in another. The main thing is the mood and the desire to relax.


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