Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship by Investment


In 2020, the Egyptian government launched a citizenship by investment program.

This program is aimed at attracting foreign investment and stimulating economic growth in the country.

One of the available investment options within the citizenship program is the purchase of real estate worth $ 300 000 or more.

This property must be licensed by the government or registered in the real estate registry. Possible properties include both residential and commercial real estate, as well as land. The property you are interested in may be ready for use or under construction.

An attractive feature of this option is the possibility of a return on investment: participants can sell the purchased property five years after obtaining citizenship, allowing them to return part or all of the invested amount.

Who can obtain Egyptian citizenship

1. Main investor:

  • The investor must be an adult, that is, over 18 years of age. This is because the person must have the right to enter into legally binding transactions
  • No criminal record
  • Health status: no serious illnesses

2. Additional applicants:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 21 who are not married

Benefits of Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

  • Safe zone for investor and family: Egyptian citizenship provides investors and their families with protection and stability, providing the opportunity to live and work in the country.
  • Tax optimization: The ability to optimize the tax burden is a significant factor for many investors. Egyptian citizens have the opportunity to take advantage of various tax breaks and preferences.
  • Opening Local and International Bank Accounts: Holding Egyptian citizenship simplifies the process of opening bank accounts with local branches of international banks, which is especially important for international transactions and investments.
  • Business and Investment Opportunities: Egyptian citizenship provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities in the country and region, facilitating business development and new projects.

Obtaining Egyptian citizenship by investment requires time and procedures. The expected period is more than 10 months, including various stages of review and approval of the application.

Egyptian citizens have a unique opportunity to have multiple citizenships, which provides a number of significant advantages.

Investors who choose this route can keep their first passports unless their countries of origin insist on giving them up.

Egyptian passport holders receive benefits when traveling to more than 65 countries, including popular destinations such as Hong Kong, Seychelles and Macau.

Other costs and expenses

In addition to the basic investment and state duty, program participants may also face additional costs:

  • Legal Services: Participation in the program often requires legal assistance, which may include document review, application preparation, and other legal services. Legal costs can vary significantly depending on the country and the complexity of the case.
  • Medical examination
  • Administrative Fees: Various administrative fees may apply during the program application process, such as fees for processing the application and issuing required documents.
  • Relocation Expenses: Upon successful completion of the program, there may be expenses associated with relocation to the new country, including airfare, temporary accommodation and adjustment costs.


Egyptian citizenship by investment provides a unique opportunity for those seeking stability, security and financial benefits in an international context.

This choice is especially attractive to investors seeking to expand their opportunities and provide prosperity for their families.

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