Top 10 cities in the world with the fastest growing real estate prices


Today's real estate market is constantly changing, and the recent Global Residential Cities Index report has attracted attention with its findings. According to the index, which tracks prices in more than 100 cities around the world without adjusting for inflation, the average cost of housing globally increased by 2.3% over the year (from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023).

Third consecutive quarter of positive growth.

However, the real stars were the cities where real estate price growth exceeded all expectations.

1. Ankara, Türkiye (+102.7%)

The impressive rise in housing prices in Ankara has made this city a leader in the global rankings. The capital of Turkey surprised with its dynamics and attractiveness for investors, showing an increase of 102.7%.

2. Istanbul, Türkiye (+77.6%)

Not inferior to its neighbor, Istanbul took second place in the ranking. With a 77.6% increase in home prices over the year, this city has made its mark on global real estate.

3. Dubai, UAE (+18%)

Dubai, despite the high price level, was still able to surprise with an increase of 18%. This city remains attractive to global investors.

4. Zagreb, Croatia (+14%)

Zagreb in Croatia has seen stable economic growth and has seen property prices increase by 14%, giving it a well-deserved fourth place in the ranking.

5. Athens, Greece (+12%)

The capital of Greece, with a rich history and cultural heritage, was also on the list of cities with rapid growth in property prices, reaching 12%.

6. Vilnius, Lithuania (+11.6%)

Vilnius continues to amaze with its dynamics. The city in Lithuania recorded growth of 11.6%, marking its importance in global real estate.

7. Warsaw, Poland (+10.6%)

The Eastern European pearl, Warsaw, provided investors with the opportunity to make money, delivering a 10.6% increase in house prices.

8. Perth, Australia (+9.7%)

The Australian city of Perth fits into the global trend of rising property prices, showing an increase of 9.7%.

9. Sofia, Bulgaria (+8.8%)

The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, surprised the world with its economic recovery and an 8.8% increase in property prices.

10. Philadelphia, USA (+8.6%)

The North American representative in the ranking, Philadelphia, demonstrates stability and growth in real estate prices at 8.6%.


These cities have become sources of investor attention and housing searches, providing unique opportunities for successful investments in the global real estate market.

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