How to obtain Maltese citizenship by investment


Malta is the only European country to offer a citizenship by investment program requiring a minimum of € 1 300 000.

Applicants first receive a residence permit (RP) and can apply for citizenship no earlier than one year later.

This makes Malta unique among EU countries that provide such opportunities.

Malta: the pearl of the Mediterranean

Malta is one of the amazing pearls of the Mediterranean, rich in culture and history. It offers excellent conditions for doing business and living.

A popular way to obtain Maltese citizenship is through direct investment.

Stages of obtaining citizenship

The Maltese citizenship process for investors involves three key steps:

  • Applying for a residence permit in Malta

The investor must first obtain a residence permit (RP) in Malta. This requirement applies to all members of the applicant's family. After this, the investor can choose one of two options: submit an application 12 or 36 months after receiving a residence permit.

  • Checking compliance with program conditions

This is the Due Diligence procedure, which under the new conditions has become as strict as possible. The applicant must confirm the legality of his income. The inspection is controlled by the government of the republic and is carried out in four stages. The procedure is paid: the investor pays a fee of € 15 000, and another € 10 000 for each participant in the program.

  • Applying for citizenship

If the test is passed, the investor receives formal approval from the Ministry of Citizenship, which considers his candidacy for Maltese citizenship. After this, the investor must take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Malta within 6 months. Program participants must also certify that they have no criminal record and provide a medical certificate that they are free of serious illnesses.

Who can obtain citizenship

In addition to the main applicant, family members of the investor also have the right to obtain citizenship:

  • Husband or wife.
  • Single and unmarried children under 29 years of age who must be full or substantial dependents of the investor, which must be documented.
  • Financial expenses

The investor contributes funds to the National Development Fund, makes a charitable contribution to a non-governmental organization, and also purchases or rents real estate. All three conditions are required.

Costs are distributed as follows:

  • The contribution to the Malta National Development Fund is € 750 000 if the application is submitted one year after receiving the residence permit, or € 600 000 if after three years.
  • Charitable contribution - 10 000 €.
  • Additional program participants - € 50 000 each.
  • Purchase of real estate worth from 700 000 € or rent for a period of at least 5 years with a minimum rent of 16,000 € per year.

The option of applying after one year is more expensive, but allows you to obtain citizenship faster.


Benefits of Maltese citizenship

1. Visa-free entry to the USA, UK and Canada

Maltese citizens can travel visa-free to 187 countries. This list includes Schengen countries, USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

2. Move to the EU at any time

Holders of a Maltese passport have all the rights and freedoms that other European Union citizens have.

3. Quality medicine

Health insurance in Malta covers free examinations and treatment in high-quality clinics and hospitals, as well as free medicines.

4. Residence in Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein

Maltese citizens can live in any country in the Schengen area, including those outside the European Union. Entry and stay in these countries are not limited.

5. Education for children

Schools and higher education are cheaper for Maltese citizens. In addition, they do not require a student residence permit to study in any EU country.

6. International business

Maltese citizens can open a company in any EU country, which makes it easier to expand their business into international markets and increases its efficiency.

7. Maintaining first citizenship

Malta allows dual citizenship, so investors do not need to give up their first passport to become a Maltese citizen. This applies in cases where the investor's country of origin also allows for multiple nationalities.


The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program represents a unique opportunity for investors and their families. A rich history, favorable business environment and the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean make Malta an attractive choice.

With stringent checks and significant investment, the program ensures safety and security for both the country and its new citizens.

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